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HOTTOP(Mug Warmer)

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HOTTOP(Mug Warmer)


HOTTOP is a warming holder for retaining heat in water or food in your mug or bowl at a certain temperature.
Prevent your water or food from cooling down by placing your mug or bowl on the main body of HOTTOP.

Beverages such as coffee or green tea in a mug are cooled and become less delicious as time passes.
However, HOTTOP keeps the beverage at a temperature of about 60℃, so you can enjoy the beverage as it was meant to be tasted.

A specially-manufactured hot pad will apply heat to a mug or bowl and maintain a warm temperature for its contents, regardless of a size and shape of the mug or bowl.
Various cups may be used regardless of material (except for plastic).

HOTTOP is an electrical safety-certified product with a power consumption of 24W, which is lower than that of one fluorescent lamp.
No worries about electric charges—HOTTOP is safe! Super energy-saving and highly-efficient product with monthly electric charges for hundreds of won.


  • No needed electro-magnetic wave! No boiling!
  • Cold water to be warm water on ‘HOTTOP’
  • Have enjoy yourself a warm food with ‘HOTTOP’
  • Low energy, high safety

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